Banif Family Day at St Joseph Home

June 14, 2013
June 20, 2023
Banif Family Day at St Joseph Home

A team of Banif employees and their families met up on a sunny Sunday to spend time together over activities organised by the Banif Sports and Social Committee at St Joseph Home. The day kicked off with Sunday mass for those who wished to join, celebrated by Fr Frankie Cini.

Fr Cini welcomed the Banif group to the Home, and after an extensive tour of the residence and of the independent living project, teams took over the refectory to compete in earnest at a cake decoration contest. Teams competed for the ‘Best Decorated Cake’ title, after an interesting workshop by Erika Spiteri Lucas from ‘Kikka’s Cakes’ on how best to use decorating ingredients. And while both adults and children got messy with cake-decorating ingredients, another team took to the kitchen to prepare lunch for the large group. Children took to the courtyard where they ran around with bicycles and tried the bouncy castle under the watchful eye of their parents, working up an appetite for the lovely spread that was lunch.

“We spent a lovely day in the company of each other and our families!” said Daniela Demicoli from Banif’s Rabat Branch. “It’s great to find time to get to know each other better. The Banif Sports and Social Committee always finds different ways of bringing us together and this initiative was great fun!”

The event also doubled up as a CSR activity where the team could understand the projects underway at St Joseph Home, ably and passionately led by Fr Cini. The team could appreciate the sterling work being done at the Home, while understanding the needs of the boys who reside there. At the end of the event, a donation was made to the Home by Banif Bank Chief Executive officer Joaquim F. Silva Pinto.