Banif collaborates with MCAST on art project

December 16, 2013
June 20, 2023
Banif collaborates with MCAST on art project

Twenty second-year students at the MCAST Institute of Art and Design have been commissioned by Banif Bank to produce works of art, in a ‘live-case’ project. The initiative gives students the opportunity to showcase their art and to work with Banif who doubled up as a “client”, in a simulation similar to the real world of work and industry.

This is the second year that Banif is collaborating with MCAST on a live-case. The students, who are preparing for the National Higher Diploma in Fine Art, could present up to three works, using excerpts from contemporary Maltese literature as themes and inspiration. Under the guidance of their tutors Sarah Mamo and Maxine Attard, the students worked hard on idea generation, concept drawings and preliminary sketches while the final output was presented to Banif during a formal, timed presentation.

The students presented their work to a panel of judges who had a tough job selecting twelve that will feature in the Bank’s perpetual agenda. They considered a number of criteria that included, but was not limited to, technical skill, originality and theme interpretation. The students were mostly given a free hand in stylistic preferences and materials and they could use both traditional and non-traditional media.

“It is crucial that our students are given opportunities to test their skills,” said Stephen Vella, Director, MCAST Institute of Art and Design. “These live-cases give them a chance to produce work commissioned by clients, while working within the challenges of brand guidelines and specific client requirements. “Once again we are grateful to Banif Bank for giving our students the chance to do this. The exercise is a taster of what they will experience in the future.”