Banif collaborates with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna

July 5, 2016
June 20, 2023
Banif collaborates with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna

Banif Bank has entered into a three year collaboration with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna (FWA), as a corporate sponsor. The Bank’s association with FWA started last year with the restoration of the 18th Century Mistra Battery.

The sponsorship was announced at FWA’s annual event St. John’s Fire. As it does every year on June 23rd on the eve of the feast of St. John the Baptist, FWA marks the age-old tradition with the lighting of a large bonfire on the bastions of Valletta, as was done in the times of the Order of St. John. The spectacle was commemorated by the lighting of a beacon and a full-gun salute, followed by a guided tour of the underground War H.Q. Tunnels and the St. Peter and Paul Counterguard.

“We experienced the sterling work the team at FWA does and we were impressed with their dedication to anything of significance to Malta’s history and heritage. It is for this reason that Banif is proud to embark on a long-term partnership with FWA, that will see our two organisations work together to fulfill this mission,” said Joaquim Silva Pinto, CEO, who was granted the honour of lighting St. John’s Fire during the occasion. “

As a Maltese Bank, Banif has forged many ties with the community over the years. Our values are reflected in the efforts of our team members and in the numerous initiatives we carry out to extend support in the fields of education, art, heritage and the environment. We look forward to the opportunities that this partnership will present.”