Banif clients enjoy even better interest rates

October 3, 2011
June 20, 2023
Banif clients enjoy even better interest rates

In keeping with its avowed principles of always offering the best conditions to its customers, Banif Bank has launched another Super Banif@st Term Deposit paying an excellent rate of 4.125% gross per annum for a 110-day term, exclusive to its internet banking clients.

This latest product offer, which reaffirms the Bank’s strategy to reward its customers, is considered as a success as it was received extremely well by the Bank’s clients. For a limited 24-hour time window on Friday 30th September, all Banif clients who are subscribed to Banif@st, the Bank’s internet banking facility which is available to all clients for free, could open their new account online in real time and from the comfort of their home to benefit from this saving opportunity.

Banif@st gives the user access to view all movements being effected in any accounts held with the Bank while also offering the possibility of paying utility bills and effecting transfers between own accounts or to third parties. Furthermore, one can also request changes in personal data as well as changes in credit card limits in order to better suit the cardholder’s needs.

With its range of flexible term deposit accounts and now through the innovative Super Banif@st Term Deposit opportunity provided by the Bank, Banif has truly distinguished itself as the Alternative Maltese Bank which offers differentiated banking opportunities.

“We consider innovative product offers, like the Super Banif@st Term Deposit, a tangible way of showing our gratitude to our clients, who are contributing towards the reduction of the Bank’s operational costs by using the internet banking facilities. The Bank firmly believes that clients should in turn directly benefit from this by offering them advantageous rates and by making available the internet banking service for free,” said Mr. Dirk Spiteri Lucas, Head of Product Strategy within the Business Development Unit at Banif Bank. “We would like to urge all clients to avail themselves of Banif’s internet banking facility and to check the Bank’s website regularly in order to keep on the lookout for the next Super Banif@st Term Deposit to benefit from excellent interest rates.”