Banif celebrates commencement of its 5th year of operations

February 1, 2012
June 20, 2023
Banif celebrates commencement of its 5th year of operations

To commemorate the commencement of Banif’s 5th year of operations, the Bank launched another Super Banif@st Term Deposit that was available exclusively to its clients for a limited time window on Monday 30th January. The excellent rate, combined with the ease to open the account online and in real time, were the main ingredients to make this offer yet another success.

Mr Dirk Spiteri Lucas, Head of the Product Strategy Unit at Banif Bank said, ’Throughout its years of operations in Malta, Banif has always strived to offer innovative products to the general public. Notwithstanding this, the Bank is also committed to launch a number of offers periodically which are available exclusively to its existing client portfolio.’ Mr Spiteri Lucas continued by saying, ‘This philosophy has always served as a guideline for our product strategy, and we strongly believe that it has been vital in distinguishing Banif as the Alternative Maltese Bank. However, our success story is thanks to our clients’ constant support, as well as the effort and dedication of our team. In view of this, what better way to start our fifth year of operations than to offer our clients an excellent rate on the Super Banif@st Term Deposit?’

This term deposit could only be opened through Banif@st, the Bank’s internet banking service which is offered free to all its clients, and which allows better management of funds from the comfort and security of one’s home.

More details about becoming a Banif client and benefiting from exclusive deposit opportunities can be acquired online by logging on to or by calling on 2260 1000.