Banif Bank - the fastest growing bank in Malta

September 25, 2009
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank - the fastest growing bank in Malta

Banif reaffirms its stance as the fastest growing bank in Malta by opening a new branch in Fgura. This is the second branch that Banif is inaugurating this month and the fourth outlet opened this year, increasing the retail network to eight branches since the start of the Bank’s operations in Malta in January 2008.

The progress made so far is in accordance with the third phase of the Bank’s strategic business plan.  After setting up the necessary operational structures and emphasising on market presence to build up a solid corporate image, Banif is now engaged in a rapid expansion of the branch network and the completion of the core package of banking solutions to support business operations.

“With the opening of this branch we have fulfilled the target set for this year. The Bank is now established in an important locality with thriving business.  We are here to serve not only the Fgura locality but also those clients residing in the neighbouring areas,” commented Banif Bank’s Chairman Mr Joseph Sammut during the formal opening of the branch in Fgura in the presence of the Minister of Finance, Economy and Investment, The Hon. Tonio Fenech.

“We are proud of the progress made so far and rightly claim to have succeeded in achieving what no other bank in Malta which has had to set-up its operations from scratch, has ever managed to fulfil,” continued Mr Sammut. “The Bank, at this stage of its development, is investing significantly in pursuit of the set objectives and targets.  We are investing in suitable premises in selected localities, in the latest technology and, above all, in human resources.  Within the short period we have been in operation, we have recruited and trained over 100 persons and provided them with career opportunities with favourable employment conditions.  We consider this to be an important investment which is expected to yield a good return in the future,” concluded the Banif Chairman.

The Banif branch was formally inaugurated by Hon. Tonio Fenech, in the presence of the Fgura Mayor, the Fgura parish priest, Bank directors, clients and other distinguished guests from the locality.