Banif Bank present during Freshers’ Week

October 17, 2011
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank present during Freshers’ Week

During the first week of October, Banif Bank (Malta) plc set up a stand at the University Campus and at the MCAST in Paola, to promote the Campus Package, which is available to full-time students attending post-secondary or tertiary education institutions and who are in receipt of a stipend.  

Students opting for a direct credit of their stipend into a Campus Package Account can avail themselves of various benefits including advantageous deposit opportunities. They will also be entitled to a free Visa debit card that gives them access to their own funds anywhere in the world, as well as allowing online purchasing. The package also includes free Banif@st internet banking service to monitor all the account movements as well as to effect transfers in real time. Through Banif@st, students also benefit from preferential interest rates on Banif@st Term Deposits which are exclusively offered to the internet banking users.

Students can benefit from excellent rates on personal loans through the Campus Express Credit which also includes a moratorium on the repayment of capital for the duration of their course of studies. Students over 18 years can also apply for a free Classic Credit Card or Hello Kitty Classic Credit Card with a credit limit of €1,000. Apart from benefiting from the free Travel and Purchase Insurance, the Hello Kitty credit cardholder will be entitled to an additional €150 worth of vouchers from fashion outlets.

Banif Bank has also teamed up with a number of leading brands to offer gifts to all students who join the Campus Package by the 31st October. The selection of gifts include free vouchers from a choice of fashion stores, free talk-time and SMSs, discounts on computer hardware, as well as discounts on Smartphones and iPods. When visiting the stand, students were also treated to the new Nescafé Original 3 in 1 and Kit Kat chocolate in association with Nestlé, Malta.

More information about the Campus Package can be found on the Bank’s website -  or by visiting one of the Banif Bank branches.