Banif Bank opens branch in Mosta

April 29, 2014
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank opens branch in Mosta

Banif Bank (Malta) plc has opened a new branch in the heart of Mosta. The new retail outlet is part of a network expansion programme that will enable the bank to reach out to more clients in their locality, while attracting regional traffic. Offering better facilities and points of sales to customers is foremost on the Bank’s list, and having a wider geographical coverage will contribute further to the high standards of customer care the Bank already enjoys.

The attractive Banif Bank branch in Mosta was officially inaugurated by The Hon Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, in the presence of the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Joaquim F. Silva Pinto, directors, heads of department and the team who will manage the branch, along with distinguished representatives of the Mosta community. The Prime Minister praised Banif Bank for its success in Malta and for opening a branch in a locality deemed one of the largest commercial centres in Malta.

Acknowledging the significant results and achievements that have made the Bank what it is today, Mr Silva Pinto said that Banif is a core domestic Maltese bank now vying for a larger share of the local market. The Bank was an impressive accomplishment in a very short time, clearly uplifted by the trust and confidence the public continues to show in the Bank. In the meantime, as an important player in the financial sector Banif Bank uses its muscle to contribute to the resilient financial system in Malta and maintain the country’s reputation as an important hub for financial services.

“We will continue giving our customers the high quality of service they expect, foreseeing their needs and strengthening our relationship with them,” said Mr Silva Pinto. “We will keep exploring how best to improve our product portfolio to their satisfaction, challenged by ever-changing trends and consumption patterns and a highly competitive market. Banif Bank is delivering a resilient business performance and, year in year out, we confirm the Bank has the fundamentals in place for long-term growth and a strong position in the market.” Mr Silva Pinto then thanked the dedicated team who worked to make the Mosta branch happen.

Best Banking Group Malta, 2013

In 2013 Banif Bank (Malta) was named Best Banking Group for 2013 by world renowned World Finance. This is the third time that the Bank has been presented this award having already won it in 2010 and 2011, in recognition of good corporate governance, innovative financial solutions and sound financial performance.