Banif Bank (Malta) plc launches New Home Loan Offers

March 22, 2011
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank (Malta) plc launches New Home Loan Offers

Now is the time to benefit from Banif’s innovative home loan packages. Banif clients will continue benefiting from the unique home loan advantages and also get a refund on the Home loan processing fees. This is a limited offer available to the First Time Buyers package.

Banif Bank’s Home Loans offer tailor made packages with numerous benefits, including advantageous interest rates, better repayment terms, monthly insurance payments, as well as transparent and competitive fees.  The flexibility offered to clients results in lower monthly repayment terms or the possibility of buying a home of a higher value.

“This way applicants benefit from a final product which is addressed to their individual and unique needs and in the client’s best interest. We believe in transparent banking with no hidden costs, that makes the banking experience a more pleasant and affordable one”, commented a Banif Bank representative from the Products Strategy Unit during the launch of the new offers. “Banif Bank understands that, whether the client is buying a first home or changing his existing house, such an investment decision is a very important one for all our clients.  Therefore, this decision should be made in a friendly and trustworthy environment where the main focus is the client. Through this limited offer new applicants can save hundreds of euros in processing fees”, concluded the Banif Bank representative.

More details about the Banif Home Loan offers can be acquired from any of the eight branches in Malta and Gozo, by calling on 2260 1000 or by sending an email to customer care.