Banif Bank Launches the Online Payment Facility

March 4, 2011
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank Launches the Online Payment Facility

Banif Bank is pleased to launch yet another new service. All Banif@st internet banking subscribers can now make payments online from the comfort of their home. This service comes at no extra cost to the subscriber and is a fast and convenient way to avoid any extra charges on bills, mailing of cheques or time spent waiting in long queues. The new service is user friendly, and a confirmation will appear on screen once the payment has been processed to provide peace of mind that the payment has gone through to the selected payee.

The process is very simple and straightforward. Banif@st subscribers just need to log on to internet banking, go to the ‘Bill Payments’ section, follow the instructions and effect the payment by entering the confirmation key. A transfer will be made in real time, securely and without incurring any charge.

This service is not solely limited to bill payments. Clients can also make donations online to a number of charitable and non-profit organisations that already subscribed to the service.

Banif customers who would like to subscribe to Banif@st in order to use the online payment facility, or companies that would like to become beneficiaries of the facility can do so by visiting any of the Banif branches or by calling on 2260 1000.