Banif Bank launches its new website and Banif@st

November 17, 2008
June 19, 2023
Banif Bank launches its new website and Banif@st

Nine months after opening its first branch, Banif Bank (Malta) plc unveiled its new web portal - and launched Banif@st - the internet banking service which is available to all Banif Bank’s personal and business clients.“Banif Bank’s customer service philosophy does not allow us to see internet banking simply as a way to avoid visiting a branch” says Mr. Nuno Martins, COO of Banif Bank, “It’s more than that. It’s a relationship channel in its own right, tailored towards customers who prefer online banking services.”In fact, personal customers are able to conduct virtually all day-to-day banking requirements and even subscribe to products specially designed for the Banif@st channel. On the other hand, business customers, for the time being are able to access all information on their accounts.

Shortly, a comprehensive range of new services will also be launched for this segment of clients.Internet banking is in constant evolution and Banif@st will keep abreast of such changes. Thus, new services and products will be launched frequently, in accordance with customers’ demands and needs.The way of accessing Banif@st is innovative in Malta; passwords and confirmation keys are inputted through onscreen virtual keyboards that alter the position of the keys every time the web page is accessed. Statistics show that phishing is where the big risk lies for internet banking users.

Banif Bank states that virtual keyboards are a proven security feature against phishing. “The principle is similar to the one of the token keys used by other banks in Malta”, says Banif Bank’s COO, “The difference is that it’s not the code that changes, but the way it’s inputted. This method is safe and there is no need to carry additional gadgets in your pockets or purses!”Customers can subscribe to Banif@st at any branch of Banif Bank. Subscription is also possible by logging on to, after which a Banif representative will contact the new subscribers in order to conclude the process.