Banif Bank Growing Further

June 2, 2009
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank Growing Further

Banif Bank officially inaugurated its new branch in Attard. His Grace the Archbishop of Malta, Mgr Paul Cremona accepted the invitation of the Bank to bless the premises in the presence of the Mr. Joseph Sammut, Chairman of Banif Bank.

The Banif Bank branch in Attard is the sixth branch to be opened within a period of a year and five months. This is in line with Banif’s five-year growth strategy. The Bank intends to build a network of 20 branches which may increase 25 depending on the needs of the market. Banif Bank currently employs 90 people and aims to increase its work force to 250 over the next 3 years.

‘It is the Bank’s duty to provide efficient and reliable services to its clients – both depositors and borrowers. In the process, the Bank will also make a valid contribution to the Maltese economy by supporting the business community and other viable projects, that are so much needed for the provision of employment and sustaining standards of living. The wealth created, if fairly distributed, will permit an improvement in the quality of life of families and the provision of benefits to the less privileged members of society’, commented Mr. Sammut during the ceremony.

Banif will be offering personalised service through a number of financial products based on the clients’ needs. Apart from deposit accounts, Banif offers home loan facilities and credit cards as well as banking services based on the needs of business and commercial enterprises.

Mr. Joaquim Silva Pinto, CEO of Banif Bank (Malta) plc, Bank Directors and Mr. Norbert Pace, Mayor of Attard were also present for the inauguration ceremony.