Banif Bank goes healthy!

March 11, 2015
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank goes healthy!

More than a thousand oranges were distributed to staff, as well as to customers through Banif Bank’s network of branches, to celebrate Vitamin C Day at Banif Bank. The initiative was organised to promote healthy eating habits and to raise awareness on the importance of adequate intakes of Vitamin C.

The fresh produce from Frott Artna was displayed in branded boxes accompanied by information on the nutritional benefits of Vitamin C, enticing customers to take an orange or two. Employees got into the spirit of the day by congregating in the kitchen and squeezing oranges during break time.

“It was a day with a difference at the office,’’ said Simon Grech, Head of Department, Corporate Services. “We beat the vending machine that’s popular on a Friday afternoon to boost our immune systems with a dose of Vitamin C. More importantly we’re keeping up regular staff initiatives that go a long way in terms of strengthening team bonds and motivation. People development at Banif Bank factors in events that contribute to a dynamic organizational culture, along with the traditional remits of training and career development, crucial to the Bank’s operations.”