Banif Bank closer to the local community

May 12, 2010
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank closer to the local community

Banif Bank (Malta) plc, is in its third year of operations in Malta, however, the Bank already has a fully operational commercial network strategically located across the country. In addition Banif is focused on building a strong portfolio of clients, who are embracing the Bank’s way of providing innovative and high quality banking services centered on the market needs. The Bank strives to nurture the relationship with its customers and is continuously seeking ways of improving it. With this in mind, the Commercial Department of the Bank has dedicated a full day to the clients of the Fgura branch area in order to get a better understanding of their needs and of how the Bank can be of better service to them.

Part of the program of events included a reception at the branch in Fgura for its clients. The Bank also took the opportunity to exhibit the works of art commissioned by Banif Bank on behalf of Din L-Art Helwa, which were aimed to raise funds for the restoration of the Church of Our Lady of Victory in Valletta. Ms. Simone Mizzi from ‘Din L-Art Helwa’ attended the event and gave a brief presentation about the Heritage Saved Pen and Ink Watercolor Collection and the Limited Edition Prints by Kenneth Zammit Tabona.

“As a Maltese Bank, Banif Bank has the Maltese community at heart. Our support is not just limited to sponsorships. We also work very closely with the local community in order to be able to provide added value centered around the individual needs of our esteemed clients.”, commented Mr. Martin Borg, manager of the Banif Bank branch in Fgura when thanking the clients for accepting the Bank’s invitation to attend the reception.

The event in Fgura was the first of a series of similar initiatives that will be held by the Bank throughout this year aimed to reaffirm its position as the Alternative Maltese Bank.