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Banif Bank becomes BNF Bank as it steps into the future

October 24, 2017
June 20, 2023
Banif Bank becomes BNF Bank as it steps into the future

Banif Bank (Malta) today unveiled its new brand identity as BNF Bank, in a forward-looking move that reflects its vision to grow its presence in Malta and abroad.

Speaking at a press conference, CEO and Managing Director Michael Collis said the new name, BNF Bank, evolved from the Bank's proud history.  The brand brings new features that clearly denote the Bank's forward thinking and aspirations.

"Although the name and image have changed, our clients will continue to be our first priority. We are embarking on a new journey, which we believe will deliver even greater benefits to our customers." Mr Collis said.

Banif Bank (Malta), acquired by Al Faisal Holding last year, has operated in Malta since 2008 and provides a full range of commercial banking services to personal and business customers through a network of 12 branches and three corporate and business banking units.  

Mr Collis told a press conference that BNF Bank has ambitious plans to expand its business into asset management and investment banking services and is in the process of putting in place the necessary infrastructure for growth.

"In the coming months, we will be rolling out new products to gain a greater market share. We recognise there is a generational shift in the way clients bank and do business and we want to be at the forefront of this.

"Our aim is to accelerate our growth with a focus on understanding the needs of every individual client, tapping the potential of private banking, and optimising Malta's geographic location to attract more business and increase revenue streams," Mr Collis said.

From a practical perspective, the new brand identity will not impact daily operations. Clients do not need to make any changes or updates to their internet banking access, and can continue to make use of existing debit and credit cards and cheque books - which will be refreshed with the new logo once they expire.

"Our clients bank with us because we are there for them on life's journey. Our vision is to remain a valued member of the community helping our customers to build a new future." Mr Collis said.