Art travels Banif Bank’s branches

November 12, 2014
June 20, 2023
Art travels Banif Bank’s branches

Twelve paintings featured in the Banif Bank’s 2014 Agenda will be travelling across branches as part of the Bank’s ongoing collaboration with the MCAST Institute of Art and Design.

As with past projects Banif is dedicated to giving students the precious opportunity to work on a ‘Life Case’ and showcase their work. It is with this intention that the Bank launched a ‘Travelling Exhibition’ where sets of three paintings will be displayed in the Bank’s branches for two week periods. The paintings were produced by second year students of MCAST’s Institute of Art & Design preparing for the National Higher Diploma of Fine Art. The work is based on literary passages by local contemporary authors. Each set will be accompanied by an information panel that explains the project and describes the underlying theme and materials used.

The exhibition was launched at the Bank’s Siggiewi branch, during which the students were presented with a commemorative certificate for their participation in the project.  

“I must admit we are always a bit more excited when we launch events involving students,” said Joaquim F. Silva Pinto, Chief Executive Officer, Banif Bank (Malta) p.l.c. “We truly feel that giving students the opportunity to work with us is an investment in the educational system, in fostering a creative economy and in giving back to the community we operate in.”

This initiative underlines the Bank’s commitment to help foster local talent and provide students with opportunities for exposure. The works will be displayed at four of the Bank’s branches for a two-week period, after which will travel across the rest of the Bank’s branch network. The exhibition comes to a close on the 10th December.