Another special offer from Banif Bank

February 11, 2011
June 20, 2023
Another special offer from Banif Bank

Banif Bank is announcing the launch of a limited offer on a 3-Year Flexi Term deposit account paying 3.15% gross per annum. This product is an excellent deposit opportunity that offers an advantageous rate for a 3-year term and provides the flexibility to withdraw funds prior to maturity whilst still earning interest.

When commenting about the product offer, a Banif Bank representative from the Products Strategy Unit said that “the 3-Year Flexi Term Deposit reaffirms the Bank’s commitment to come up with innovative product solutions that offer guaranteed capital and a good return to its clients. This allows clients to maximise the profitability of their portfolio. We strongly believe that this is the right way to approach the market and the feedback received from clients confirms that the strategy employed by the Bank is an effective one”.

This account is ideal for people who would like to earn a good return whilst having the flexibility to use their funds if required. In addition, if funds are withdrawn before maturity, clients will still earn the interest accrued up to the previous interval date. The account has to be opened with a minimum deposit of €2,500 but there is no maximum amount that can be deposited. The interest on the 3-Year Flexi Term will be paid annually. This limited offer is available until the end of March 2011.

Further information about this limited offer can be obtained from all Banif branches. Alternatively one can also view the 3-Year Flexi Term product information on the website or call on 2260 1000.