All ideas matter at Banif Bank

August 25, 2016
June 20, 2023
All ideas matter at Banif Bank

Banif team members were recognised for sharing their ideas and recommendations throughout the year, during the Bank’s annual summer staff party. Through All Ideas Matter, employees have a platform via which they can submit suggestions for the improvement of different areas of the Bank’s operations. Suggestions vary and cross a gamut of areas such as improvements in quality of service, efficiency of processes, cost reduction, increase in revenue, better use of resources and employee wellbeing.

The contributor of every quarter’s best suggestion is invited to present their idea to members of the Bank’s Executive Committee, whilst the year’s Best Suggestion and Best Contributor awards are bestowed during the Bank’s annual summer gathering. This year’s Best Suggestion was shared by Christian Attard and Charlene Gauci, whilst the Best Contributor award was also taken home by Christian Attard.

“This initiative offers a convenient and transparent platform through which Banif team members take an active role in improving the Bank by contributing ideas born out of their experience and professional expertise,” said Adrian Coppini, Chief Officer responsible for People Development. “The encouraging number and quality of suggestions put forward this year is a reflection of our team’s internalising of the Bank’s core values – including those of ambition, effectiveness and innovation.”