A touch of class at Banif’s staff Christmas Party

January 13, 2015
June 20, 2023
A touch of class at Banif’s staff Christmas Party

The Banif staff Christmas party was a night to remember! Set at the lavish Villa Corinthia in Attard, this year's theme was black and gold... and the party-goers really out-did themselves with some truly wonderful ensembles!

The dulcet tunes piped out by Mark Rapa and band set the tone for a night of relaxed mingling, witty repartee and fond recollections of the past year’s experiences and stories. A culinary feast was on offer, with three rooms off the main hall offering Asian fare, a fresh seafood bonanza and the perfect Angus beef.

"Our staff parties are always extremely well-attended," said Patrick Bartolo, member of the Sports and Social Committee. "From board members to our newest recruits, it's a great chance for people who don't usually get to see each other too often to meet up and socialise. And since this was our last major event for the year, we wanted to close it off in style!"

During the event, Chief Officer for Corporate Services Adrian Coppini announced the Banif Employee of the Year, an award presented to that employee, nominated by colleagues, who excels in owning and promoting the Bank’s values. The award for 2014 went to Francelle Buhagiar, Branch Manager of the Bank’s Qormi Branch at the Pavi Complex.