A new publication of the ‘Travel Manual’

June 15, 2011
June 20, 2023
A new publication of the ‘Travel Manual’

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in association with Banif Bank (Malta) p.l.c, published a new edition of the Travel Manual, an information booklet for travellers. The first edition of the travel manual was published in 2009 and its success could easily be measured when the 20,000 copies printed were distributed over a few months. This incentivised the Ministry to publish the second edition with revised information.

This publication is in line with the effort which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs places on being close to the needs of the public. The information helps towards a better preparation to anyone who is planning their next holiday. Moreover, travellers are encouraged to carry this manual with them when visiting a foreign country since it is an important tool.

This manual includes information on passports, visa requirements and other details on documentation. Another important feature is the addresses and contact telephone numbers of Maltese embassies and consulates abroad.

To ensure that this manual reaches a wide target audience, the publication was done both in a Maltese – ‘Qabel Issiefer – Passaport ta’ Informazzjoni’; and an English version ‘Travel Manual – Information Passport’.

When asked to comment about the involvement of Banif Bank in this initiative, a representative from the Strategy and Image Department of the Bank said that it is an honour for Banif to be a catalyst in the publication of these manuals, which are very useful for travellers. Banif Bank strongly believes in being an active player in the market and that it should always seek to contribute towards the improvement of the social well-being of the community in which it operates in.

A copy of this manual can be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Merchant Street Valletta, or from one of the Banif Bank’s branches in Malta and Gozo. An electronic version is also available online from the Ministry’s website: