A New Banif Bank Branch in Gozo

March 25, 2009
June 20, 2023
A New Banif Bank Branch in Gozo

Banif Bank has opened its first branch in Gozo. The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo inaugurated this new branch which is situated in Republic Street in Victoria.

Banif Bank opened its first branch in Malta in January 2008 and since then it opened another three branches that continued to offer this bank’s services in Malta. Interest from the Gozitan general public led to the expansion of this bank’s operations to Gozo.

‘Apart from the added service offered by Banif Bank within the financial sector in Gozo, this decision also meant the creation of new employment on the island’. The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo said this whilst inaugurating the new Banif Bank branch. She added that this occasion is also significant considering the current global economic situation. The trust witnessed through the opening of a branch in Gozo is an encouraging factor that contributes towards the mitigation of the challenges caused by this crisis. Minister Debono explained how through the diligence and entrepreneurship of Gozitans together with the government’s plans for Gozo, the quality of life on the island will continue to be improved.

Mr Joseph Sammut, Chairman of Banif Bank, who was also present for this inauguration, explained how this bank expanded its operations during the years it has been operating in Malta. He said that the bank is satisfied with the results gained in the past months. He added that customers’ response for services and innovative products offered by Banif, was very encouraging considering the present international situation. Mr Sammut said that the depositers and all those seeking credit should pay more attention and should always seek other opinions. He insisted that ‘the bank’s objective is to be an alternative in the local market and we believe that we can offer added value to our clients’.

'Banif offers personalised service through a number of financial products based on their clients’ personal and commercial needs. Apart from saving accounts, Banif offers also home loan facilities as well as banking services based on the needs of businesses and commercial enterprises. A bank official said that the bank’s operation is intended to keep a direct and regular contact with its clients through relationship officers. He also explained how apart from the staff complement at the Gozo branch, Banif Bank also employs other Gozitan workers in Malta.

Mgr. Anton Borg blessed the new premises. Banif bank’s CEO, Mr Joaquim Silva Pinto and COO Mr Nuno Martins together with the Banif Bank Directors and the Victoria Mayor, Mr Robert Tabone were also present for the inauguration ceremony.