New 3D Secure Service

Online shopping just got safer!

Online Shopping has just got safer with the new 3D Secure Service adopted on all our Debit and Credit Cards. To successfully complete online purchases cardholders are kindly requested to log onto BNF Internet Banking to re-enrol their card.

The adoption of 3DS2 on all BNF Cards is in line with our commitment to offer payment methods that conform to the highest levels of security and ease of use.

The payment-authentication tool which has been internationally developed to improve online payment security via dual authentication aims to deliver an improved, frictionless customer online shopping experience. 

About 3D Secure 2 (3DS2)

3D Secure 2, is being implemented in response to the introduction of the EU Payments Services Directive (PSD2).  The service aims to reduce fraud, enhance security for online card payments and deliver a seamless payment flow across different devices.

Its embedded automated fraud protection helps protect customers and merchants to accurately authenticate data without much involvement from cardholder.


The service is completely free of charge, easy to use and available on all our cards:

  • BNF VISA Debit Card
  • BNF VISA Classic Credit Card
  • BNF VISA Gold Credit Card
  • BNF VISA PAVI PAMA Credit Card

Enrolment of Card/s

BNF Bank customers will be required to enrol their BNF Card/s for 3DS2 via BNF Internet Banking.

STEP 1: Log into BNF Internet Banking.


STEP 2: Click on the Cards menu.


STEP 3: Select Enrol Card/s.

STEP 4: Select the Card/s details from the dropdown menu.

STEP 5: Input your mobile number to receive the One-Time-Password (OTP) and memorise a personalised password to authenticate purchases.

If you need assistance to enrol your card/s, simply send a secure Internet Banking message or call our Customer Care team on +356 2260 1000.

When you report your card as lost or stolen, BNF Bank will issue a new card which must then be re-enrolled for the 3D Secure Service.

In the case of BNF Debit Card renewal, re-enrolment in 3DS2 will be required. On the other hand, BNF Credit Card renewals will be automatically re-enrolled to 3DS when the card number remains unchanged.

Complete your online purchase

Following successful enrolment of your card/s to 3DS2, you can successfully complete your online purchase at a participating merchant (seller's website) by typing in the password which you created during enrolment stage and entering the One-time-password (OTP) which you'll receive via SMS.


Step 1


Step 2

When transacting online, please ensure that you enter the required security details correctly.  Inserting any of the security elements incorrectly, will result in a declined transaction by the merchant. 

Customers are advised to follow the steps below:

  • Upon prompting, type in your personalised password (not more than 9 characters long) which will be automatically saved for future online transactions.
  • Enter the One-time-password (OTP) which you'll receive via SMS on the mobile number provided during the registration process.
  • Once the relevant security checks have been successfully confirmed, the transaction will be authenticated within seconds and your purchase will be complete.

For additional queries, please call our Customer Care team on +356 2260 1000 or alternatively send us a secure Internet Banking message. 

3D Secure 2

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