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Żjara fil-Banif Bank li qed jibbenefika mill-iskema tal-EAP
3-Year Flexi Term Deposit
3D Secure
4 birthday candles for Banif Bank’s San Gwann Branch
A Bank for the New Generations
A fresh BNF Sports and Social Committee!
A Mother’s Day treat at the branches
A New Banif Bank Branch in Gozo
A new Banif Bank branch in Naxxar
A new publication of the ‘Travel Manual’
A piece of Everest in the Banif boardroom
A scented Mother’s Day surprise at the branches
A Touch of Class at Banif's Christmas Do
A touch of class at Banif’s staff Christmas Party
Accounts Officer - Financial and Management Accounting Unit
Administrative Officer - Credit Operations Unit
Administrative Officer - International Business Unit
Al Faisal International for Investment acquires 78.46% holding in Banif
All ideas matter at Banif Bank
All set for retail therapy, with the Hello Kitty Credit Card
All smiles after a successful Fun Run!
Amazing response towards the President’s Charity Fun Run
An Unmatched Shopping Experience
Animals take centre stage at children's party
Another advantageous offer exclusive to Banif Clients
Another special offer from Banif Bank
Another year of Casual Friday generosity from the Banif Team
Appointment of new Chief Executive Officer
Art travels Banif Bank’s branches
Assisted learning via the fun approach
ATM Network
Banco de Investimento debates investment opportunities
Banif (Portugal) to enter the PSI-20 Index in March
Banif acknowledges young people’s potential
Banif among the world's most valuable banking brands
Banif and MCAST Institute of Creative Arts renew collaboration
Banif Appoints New Executive Committee Members
Banif are Banca Cup 2014 Champions!
Banif awarded ‘The Best Banking Group in Malta for 2011’
Banif Bank (Malta) plc adjusts its base rate
Banif Bank (Malta) plc adjusts its base rate
Banif Bank (Malta) plc announces new Chairman
Banif Bank (Malta) plc announces positive financial results
Banif Bank (Malta) plc appoints a new Director
Banif Bank (Malta) plc appoints new director
Banif Bank (Malta) plc appoints new Director
Banif Bank (Malta) plc launches New Home Loan Offers
Banif Bank (Malta) plc participates in Earth Hour
BANIF Bank (Malta) plc reduces its base rate
Banif Bank (Malta) plc reduces its base rate
BANIF Bank (Malta) plc reduces its base rate
Banif Bank (Malta) plc reduces its base rate
Banif Bank (Malta) plc sponsor of ‘La Serena’ - World renowned Portuguese singer
Banif Bank (Malta) plc Sponsors The Malta Football Association
Banif Bank (Malta) plc sponsors VOICES Concert
Banif Bank - the fastest growing bank in Malta
Banif Bank – It’s all about the journey!
Banif Bank achieves profitability in the last quarter of 2011
Banif Bank announces its participation in Earth Hour 2012
Banif Bank ATMs now accept all Visa cards
Banif Bank awards staff suggestions
Banif Bank becomes BNF Bank as it steps into the future
Banif Bank Branch of the Year for 2011
Banif Bank brings a new dimension to shopping!
Banif Bank Campus Package awards students
Banif Bank close to the Gozo business community
Banif Bank closer to the local community
Banif Bank credit card holders get fee refund
Banif Bank exhibits work of Gozitan artists
Banif Bank expands its branch network in Mosta and Paola
Banif Bank goes healthy!
Banif Bank Growing Further
Banif Bank grows its ATM network
Banif Bank is 5 years old!
Banif Bank keeps Manchester United fans happy!
Banif Bank launches exclusive offers at the Malta Trade Fair
Banif Bank launches improved Salary Package
Banif Bank launches its new website and Banif@st
Banif Bank Launches the Online Payment Facility
Banif Bank launches the Special 15-Month Term Deposit
Banif Bank makes largest contribution to L-Istrina
Banif Bank makes largest contribution to L-Istrina
Banif Bank making the biggest contribution towards Istrina
Banif Bank named Best Banking Group – Malta for 2010
Banif Bank on board again for The President’s Solidarity Fun Run
Banif Bank Opening a New Branch in Rabat
Banif Bank opens branch in Mosta
Banif Bank opens new Corporate Office in Mosta
Banif Bank present during Freshers’ Week
Banif Bank presents donation to Hospice Malta
Banif Bank proud sponsor of President’s Charity Fun Run
Banif Bank rewards Campus Package students
Banif Bank rewards performance and dedication
Banif Bank rolls out a new term deposit account
Banif Bank rolls out special offer on car loans
Banif Bank signs a co-operation agreement with GTA
Banif Bank sponsors art exhibition in aid of Din l-Art Ħelwa
Banif Bank sponsors LifeCycle athlete
Banif Bank sponsors Rockestra
Banif Bank sponsors the Christmas Concert 2011
Banif Bank sponsors the International Forum 2012
Banif Bank sponsors the Maltese National Football Team
Banif Bank supports President's Fun Run for 4th year running
Banif Bank supports service and therapy dogs’ training
Banif Bank supports Teachers of Art in collective exhibition
Banif Bank team celebrates successful Fun Run
Banif Bank thanks all participants in the Fun Run 2011
Banif Bank warns about scam emails
Banif Bank warns about scam emails sent on its behalf
Banif Bank warns about scam emails sent on its behalf
Banif Bank’s ‘Get up & Move’ staff initiative
Banif Bank’s Casual Fridays keep on giving!
Banif Bank’s staff extends their solidarity to Hospice Malta
Banif Bank’s staff Summer Party a night to remember!
Banif Blood Donation Day
Banif Calendar showcases vibrant student work
Banif Campus Package a comprehensive package!
Banif Campus Package holders win tickets to Rockestra!
Banif Campus Package offers students great gifts and benefits
Banif Cardholders get their annual card fee back!
Banif celebrates commencement of its 5th year of operations
Banif clients enjoy even better interest rates
Banif Clients get the Best Interest Rates on Term Deposits
Banif collaborates with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna
Banif collaborates with MCAST on art project
Banif concludes sale transfer agreement
Banif congratulates Certificate of Excellence Award winner
Banif contributes to the P.H.R.F.
Banif credit card holder to cruise the Med!
Banif customers go to Old Trafford!
Banif delegation attends SIBOS conference
Banif Doubles Fun Run Tally
Banif employees plant trees at Foresta 2000
Banif employees support Hospice
Banif extends MCAST collaboration
Banif F C impresses in Serbia
Banif Family Day at St Joseph Home
Banif features MCAST student work
Banif features MCAST student work
Banif Financial Group opens an office in Hong Kong
Banif gives you more benefits with your salary
Banif goes green for mobility week
Banif holds Annual Managers' Meeting
Banif holds Annual Strategy meeting
Banif in 'Blood Donation Wednesdays'
Banif internet banking subscribers get exclusive offers
Banif introduces new features to its New Generations Account
Banif introducing the first cash recycler ATM in Malta
Banif is the ideal partner for one's banking needs
Banif joins the fight against breast cancer
Banif keeps investing in branch network
Banif launches Casual Fridays in aid of charity
Banif launches limited offer Biz Flex Account
Banif launches the Campus Package
Banif makes donation to Żejtun Scouts
Banif Man Utd card holders win big!
Banif named a Global Challenger by Standard & Poor’s for the second consecutive time
Banif named Best Banking Group, Malta for 2013
Banif offering Safe Deposit Lockers at its branches
Banif offers a real treat this Christmas
Banif PAVI Card can now be used at PAMA Supermarket
Banif presents €3,000 to Inspire at 'It's a Knockout'
Banif promotes employee wellbeing
Banif promotes reading at St. Margaret College
Banif provides opportunities for MCAST students
Banif renews MCAST collaboration
Banif rolls out 5th Anniversary Term Deposit
Banif rolls out special offer on car loans
Banif S.A. announces recapitalisation plan
Banif selects Pelican for Intelligent Payments Management
Banif SGPS ranked among the Top 500 Banking Brands
Banif signs a cooperation agreement with MIA
Banif social team discovers Floriana
Banif sponsors the European Golden Boot Ceremony 2007/08
Banif sponsors the Fun Run for the fifth year
Banif sponsors the restoration of a Renaissance painting
Banif sponsors the Travel Manual
Banif St Julian's Branch 'Best in Class'
Banif staff dress down for charity
Banif staff keep on giving through Casual Fridays
Banif staff make the most precious donation of all
Banif staff raise fitness levels in preparation for Fun Run
Banif steps up green efforts
Banif supports 8th edition of the President’s Solidarity Fun Run
Banif supports Circolo Gozitano
Banif Supports Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna
Banif supports Gozo agricultural and industrial show
Banif supports Gozo agricultural and industrial show
Banif supports Hospice Midnight Walk
Banif supports inclusion at Inspire
Banif supports Multiple Sclerosis Society
Banif supports new Diploma in Maltese Literature
Banif supports The President’s Solidarity Fun Run
Banif switches off for Earth Hour
Banif team brightens up St. Joseph Home
Banif team celebrates birthdays with breakfast
Banif team enjoys Bond Christmas Party
Banif team gets adventurous
Banif team gives generously through Casual Fridays
Banif team goes underwater
Banif team in a Tiki bit of summer fun!
Banif team in ghost hunt!
Banif team in goods delivery to Dar il-Wens
Banif team in the Fun Run!
Banif team learns about restoration of medieval panels
Banif team takes to Comino!
Banif teams up with Everest 2014 to promote corporate values
Banif welcomes the Prime Minister
Banif's Night at the Museum
Banif’s battery banks energise the environment!
Banif’s Campus Package a hit with students
Banif’s cards go 3D Secure!
Banif’s Children’s Christmas Party is a ho-ho-hit!
Banif’s Hello Kitty Debit Card can now be ordered online
Banif’s Music Quiz and Karaoke night a hit!
Banif’s team answers the call!
Banif’s top management does the rounds
Basic Payment Account
Blots of colour at Banif’s teambuild!
Blue Light Foundation gets support from BNF Bank
BNF Internet Banking FAQs
BNF Internet Banking Upgrade
BNF Bank - ten years of fun runs for solidarity
BNF Bank awards top student in Diploma in Maltese Literature
BNF Bank awards top student in Diploma in Maltese Literature
BNF Bank celebrates another successful Fun Run
BNF Bank employees show their generosity all year round
BNF Bank Football Team heading to the Champions Bank International Football Tournament
BNF Bank launches Students Package
BNF Bank meets with Real Estate Agents
BNF Bank plc
BNF Bank plc announces a new USD correspondent Bank
BNF Bank plc appoints new Chief Operating Officer and Chief Risk Officer
BNF Bank rolls out a series of initiatives at Fresher’s Week
BNF Bank sponsors Rockestra for the 10th consecutive year
BNF Bank supports 9th edition of the President’s Solidarity Fun Run
BNF Bank supports cultural dialogue and diversity
BNF Bank supports Gozo agricultural and industrial show
BNF Bank supports The President’s Solidarity Fun Run
BNF Bank supports the production of opera ‘Tosca’
BNF Business Accelerate
BNF Debit Cards - Conditions of Use
BNF Financial Group
BNF Financial Group Websites
BNF History
BNF Internet Banking
BNF Internet Banking
BNF Internet Banking currently unavailable
BNF Internet Banking Features
BNF Internet Banking Term Deposit
BNF@st Notice
Board of Directors
Boat Loan
Branch Manager - Retail Banking Unit
Broaden your Horizons with the Campus Package from Banif Bank
BSSC off to a cracking start!
Business Centres
Calendar in aid of Dar tal-Providenza
Car Loan
Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities - Legal & Compliance Unit
Cash handling certification for Banif Bank staff
Central Credit Register
Chamber & Banif to set up Malta-Portugal Business Council
Christmas has come early at Banif!
Christmas Term Deposit offer from Banif Bank
Classic Card
Collaborative project at Ggantija, supported by Banif Bank
Conservation exercise on two Renaissance paintings kicks off thanks to Banif Bank
Contact Us
Corporate and Business Banking
Corporate Partners
Credit Cards
Current Account
Customer Care
Cut-off Times
Daily Transaction Limits
Debit Cards
Defining your child’s future is easier with Banif Bank
Depositor Compensation Scheme
EIF and Banif Bank sign new guarantee agreement
Employees' photos featured in yearly agenda
Environmental Policy
Equity and Commodity Market
Equity Release Loan
Every Day is Women's Day with a Hello Kitty Credit Card!
Exclusive offer from Banif Bank for GO mobile subscribers
Executive Committee
Executive Salary Package
Exotic summer party for Banif staff
Extended Service at Banif branch in Fgura
Fantastic interest rate on the Super Banif@st Term Deposit
Fantastic offer for all students!
FIAT, BANIF launch two-week special opportunity
Financial Markets
Financial News
Financial Reports
Flexi-Term Deposit Account
Foreign Exchange Rates
FREE Travel Insurance with all Credit Cards from Banif Bank
Fun Run makes largest single donation to L-Istrina
Fun Run registers largest sum during L-Istrina
Get Back 15% of the Interest Paid in Cash
Giving is Joy!
Gold Card
Great gifts for students from Banif Bank
Green Energy Loan
H.E. President George Abela visits Banif Bank
Hello Kitty Credit Card One of the Most Innovative in Europe!
Hi-Saver Account
Hit The Shops In Style This January!
Home Loan
Home Loan - General Information
Home Loan Offer
How to change BNF Internet Banking password
How to use BNF Internet Banking
Innovative Cards from Banif Bank
Interest Rates
Interest rates on accounts opened prior to 16.02.2015
Interest rates on accounts opened prior to 19.09.2016
Interest Reference Rates
Investor Relations
It pays to be a Banif Bank client
Join the Campus Package
Know your IBAN!
Launch of a Training Programme on use of Internet Banking
Launch of Banif banking operations in Malta
Launch of Banif@st Business
Launch of Maltese Portuguese Business Council
Lights out at Banif for Earth Hour!
Limited offer from Banif exclusive to Vodafone Customers
Limited time offer on personal loans
Limited-time offer on BNF Bank’s Flexi-Term Deposit Account
Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Loss or Theft of Card
Lucky Banif client gets to see Man Utd team train
Lucky Banif customer cruises the Med
Malta Enterprise and Banif Bank (Malta) plc sign cooperation agreement
Manchester United announces agreement with Banif Bank
Manchester United Card Holder wins unique experience
Manchester United Club Legend Denis Irwin to visit Malta
Manchester United Credit Card
Marketing Executive
MCAST art students undertake new Banif Life Case
MCAST students complete Banif Life Case
MCAST students meet HRH Prince Edward, courtesy of Banif Bank
Medieval Altarpiece being restored with Banif's support
Meet Club Legend Denis Law
Message from the CEO
Micro Business Account
Mission Statement
Monthly Savings Scheme
Mother’s Day Celebration at Banif Bank
MU Card holders’ chance to win tickets for match vs Liverpool
New Banif ATM at St Paul’s Bay
New Banif Branch in Paola
New Banif Business Centre for Chamber of Advocates
New Board Members for Banif Bank (Malta) plc
New books for Gzira Local Council Library thanks to Banif
New Christmas Term Deposit Account from Banif
New Director at Banif Bank
New Executive appointment at BNF Bank
New Flexible Term Deposit from Banif Bank
New Generations Account
New Green Energy Loan from Banif Bank
New Hello Kitty Credit Card from Banif Bank
Notice: Temporary Closure of Paola Branch
Now is the Time to Get Noticed!
Officers - Retail Banking Unit (Malta and Gozo)
Officers - Risk Control & Oversight Unit
On the eve of its fifth year of operations
One nation, One heartbeat!
Online Payments Facility
Open an Account with BNF
Opening Hours
Opening of Account Form Submitted Successfully
Overwhelming response for Banif Bank
PAVI PAMA Credit Card
Personal Loan
Pleasant vibes at Banif’s Summer party
Plenty of fun and gifts at Banif’s Children’s Christmas Party
President’s Solidarity FUN RUN, registers largest sum during L-Istrina
Press statement regarding Judicial Protest
Privacy Policy
Proud Bankers
PSD Countries & Currencies
Quick Links
Rakkonti project aims to boost literacy skills amongst children
Record participation at the President's Charity Fun Run
Renaissance Painting restored with the support of Banif Bank
Restoration of important Renaissance Paintings completed
Restoration of paintings underway, supported by Banif
Rewarding clients is the order of the day at Banif!
Safe Deposit Lockers
Salary Package
San Gwann
Savings Account
Savings Solutions
Scam Emails
Search Results
Security Tips
Send To A Friend
Senior officials from Banif Financial Group visit Malta
Service dogs-in-training visit Banif Branches
Shop till you drop with your Hello Kitty Debit Card
Siġġiewi named Banif’s Best Perfoming Branch 2015
Special 3-Year Term Deposit Account from Banif Bank
Special Offer for participants of the Fun Run 2011
Special Offer on Home Loans from Banif Bank
Special Product Offer from Banif Bank
St Julians
St Paul's Bay
Staff suggestions pave the way at Banif Bank
Statement from Banif Bank (Malta) plc
Statement from Malta Bankers' Association
Student creativity to feature in Banif 2013 Calendar
Students benefit from Banif Bank’s Campus Package
Students Package Competition
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Subscribe to the BNF newsletter
Subscription Successfully Completed
Sustainable Development
Tariff of Charges
Tariff of Charges
Technical Support Officer - Information Technology Unit
Term Deposit Account
Terms and Conditions
Terms of Use
The Banif summer party under the moonlight
The Banif team does it again!
The Banif team go karting!
The Banif Treasure Hunt rolls through the Three Cities
The Boat Loan - A plain sailing product from Banif Bank
The Campus Package from Banif Bank gives instant gifts
The Campus Project Competition
The gift of knowledge at Banif Bank
The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra plays exclusively for Banif!
The New Home Loan Offer by BNF Bank
The President's Charity Fun Run 2011
The President’s Solidarity Fun Run 2015
Thousands take to the streets for the President's Charity Fun Run
Thousands walk and run for the President’s Solidarity Fun Run
Timeless art featured in Banif’s Perpetual Agenda
Tony Drago appearance supported by Banif Bank
Transfers to Other Banks (NON-SEPA)
Transfers to Other Banks (SEPA)
Watch Team Train & Play
Zip-lining thrills for Banif Bank staff and friends
Malta Stock Exchange
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