Home Loan Offer


You may benefit from this Home Loan Offer if you're:

  • Buying your first property;
  • Changing your primary residence; or
  • Buying your second residence;

as long as the purchased property will be used for your personal residential requirements.

You will be able to use the loan for the purchase, construction, completion, reconstruction, alteration or improvement of the property you will be purchasing.  Kitchens, photovoltaic panels, air conditioning systems and solar water heaters are considered as part of completion works.

How it works


Loan Amount

  • The loan amount will depend on the level of income and the value of the property;
  • You will be requested to contribute 10% of the total project cost for loan amounts up to €700,000;
  • A 20% contribution of the total cost of the project will be requested for loan amounts above €700,000.

Term of Loan

The loan can be taken for a term until you reach the age of 65 years, giving you the possibility of repaying your loan throughout your working life.  This will help you lower your monthly repayments over a longer loan term.  

Interest Rates

Advantageous rates are applicable throughout the duration of the term as follows:

  • A fixed rate of 1.95% p.a. for a maximum of 24 months until March 2021; and 
  • A variable rate of 2.99% p.a. (made up of the Home Loan Base Rate1  and a spread of 0.79% p.a.) for the remaining term of the loan (APRC of 2.95%).

Processing Fee Refund

A full refund of the Processing Fee is applicable if you are buying your first property or changing your existing primary residence.


Repayments are scheduled monthly throughout the term of the loan. You also have the possibility to repay this loan early, either fully or partially as follows:

  • Early repayments may be affected by notifying the Bank in advance; 
  • In case of partial early repayments, the monthly repayment amount and any applicable costs may be adjusted, however the term of the loan will remain unaltered;
  • In the case of full early repayment during the fixed interest rate period, an early repayment fee of 1% will be charged on the balance due to BNF Bank based on the original repayment schedule. 

Equity Release Loan

In addition to the Home Loan, you may also opt for an Equity Release Loan to finance any personal requirements you might have. Features of the Equity Release Loan include:

  • A term up to 25 years (not exceeding 65 years of age);
  • An interest rate of 3.99% p.a. (made up of the Bank's Base Rate2 and a spread of 1.49% p.a.)

Come talk to us

If you are interested in applying for a Home Loan, visit us at your preferred BNF Bank branch and bring:

  • your ID card
  • evidence of income:
    • last year's FS3 and the last 3 months' payslips, OR
    • if you're self-employed, last 3 years' Income Tax return, including the Profit and Loss account
  • bank statements of all accounts held with other banks; and 
  • a signed copy of your new home's preliminary agreement.

We're ready to listen.

Representative example consists of a typical Home Loan of €250,000 repayable over 30 years with a fixed interest rate of 1.95% p.a. for the first 24 months and a variable interest rate of 2.99% p.a. for the remaining of 336 months. The facility will be repayable in 24 monthly instalments of €921.19 and 336 monthly instalments of €1,049.81 with a total amount which the customer would pay totalling €375,894.15 (including capital and interest) plus the following charges: €600 processing fees, €350 legal fees and €100 loan closure fees. The Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) applicable in this case is 2.95%. All third-party fees have not been taken into consideration in the calculation of the Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC). The facility is to be secured by a 1st general hypothec, 1st special hypothec and a special privilege over the property being purchased, a life assurance policy covering a whole facility amount and a building insurance policy for the replacement cost of the same property. If repayments are not maintained, the Bank may take steps to sell the property financed following legal proceedings and the borrower may lose his property.

Terms and conditions apply. Click here for further details on this loan product. The loan is subject to the Bank’s lending criteria. The Bank reserves the right to amend or withdraw this loan product from the market at any time, at its sole and absolute discretion and without any prior notice. BNF Bank plc is a credit institution licensed to undertake the business of banking by the MFSA in terms of the Banking Act 1994. Registered in Malta C41030 - 203, Level 2, Rue D'Argens, Gzira, GZR 1368, Malta.

1 The Home Loan Base Rate is currently 2.20% p.a.

2 The Bank's Base Rate is currently 2.50% p.a.

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Set an appointment today at your preferred BNF branch to apply for your Home Loan. A BNF Bank representative will reach out to make the necessary arrangements.

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