Our outward image has changed, but our values remain the same and you can still expect the same friendly bank with personalised customer service.

We understand you might have questions. Here are a few answers to get you started.

  1. What is the new name?

    Banif Bank (Malta) p.l.c. is now called BNF Bank p.l.c.

  2. Why did the Bank change its name?

    In late 2016, the majority shareholding in Banif Bank (Malta) was acquired by Al-Faisal Holding, which is committed to taking the Bank forward. Our new name, BNF Bank, reflects our fresh outlook and re-energises our vision to cross new frontiers.

  3. What does BNF stand for?

    BNF has evolved from our proud history and represents the values of credibility and trust that have become synonymous with our Bank over the past decade. The new name also symbolises our commitment to building a new future.

  4. What does this change mean for the Bank?

    Our name and image have changed, but our work ethic remains the same and it is very much business as usual. However, the Bank will be taking the opportunity to expand its products and services.

  5. What will happen to my Banif accounts?

    Everything remains the same – including your accounts. The accounts you hold with the Bank will not undergo any changes – and the terms, conditions, tariffs, IBAN and SWIFT codes will remain the same.

    You will still enjoy a highly personalised day-to-day relationship with us — and can continue to expect great service from BNF Bank with a committed focus.

  6. Will access to Internet Banking change?

    You will not need to make any changes or updates to your Internet Banking access. Usernames and passwords also remain the same.

  7. What happens to my Banif debit and/or credit card/s and cheque books?

    You may continue to make use of your existing debit and credit cards and cheque books. We will refresh these to reflect the Bank’s new name once they expire.

  8. Will the Bank’s location/s change?

    The Bank’s 12 Branches and 3 Corporate and Business Centres will remain in the same location and retain the same contact numbers. The Bank’s Head Office is still in Gzira. The only change is that the branches will now proudly display our new brand and logo. Click here for our complete list of branches.

  9. Has the website address changed?

    Yes, it is now www.bnf.bank. However, if you forget and go to our previous website address, you will automatically be redirected.

  10. Will the change in name affect my relationship with the Bank?

    No. All the agreements concluded between yourself and Banif Bank remain valid and there is no change to our respective rights, liabilities, and obligations. The Bank’s company number, licence number, and tax number are also unchanged.

  11. Are there any new services I should know about?

    In the coming weeks, BNF Bank will be making some exciting announcements regarding new products and services. Look out for them.

  12. Who should I contact if I have further questions?

    You may call Customer Care on (+356) 2260 1000 or email us at customercare@bnf.bank.

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