Debit Cards

The BNF Debit Card gives you access to your money anytime, anywhere, in a convenient and more secure environment. You can use your Debit Card through any Visa supported network, both locally and worldwide.

Key benefits

You can:

  • pay for your everyday purchases without the need to carry around cheques or cash;
  • withdraw cash from a VISA ATM anywhere in the world; and
  • make online, phone and mailorder purchases without leaving the comfort of your home.

Cards are equipped with the new EMV Chip technology which enhances security. This technology requires the use of the PIN to authorise purchases, hence replacing the need to sign a transaction receipt upon card usage. 

How to apply

Applying for a Debit Card is simple. Visit a BNF Bank branch and open a Current or Savings Account.

3D Secure

The BNF Bank Debit Card is 3D Secure. This technology gives you an additional layer of security when shopping online, and further protects against unauthorised and fraudulent card transactions by requiring authentication whenever an eligible purchase is made.  More information, including an FAQ and terms and conditions, are available here.

Terms and Conditions

Tariff of Charges


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